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Why Restaurants are using Kangen Water®

Kangen water® enhances the flavour of food and can be used in all your stock, soup, steaming veggies, making salad dressings, smoothies etc.

It can tenderise meat and clean fish and poultry. Kangen®’s strong alkaline 11.5pH water can remove pesticides from fruit and veggies, drawing out injected hormones which have been used to preserve certain foods to make them look plump and prolong their shelf life, bringing out the natural flavour of the food as it should be!

Looking to make your restaurant greener?

A green conscious restaurant means a restaurant that is conscious of chemicals and other materials that are harsh on our Earth. Whether you’re cleaning, laundering, or washing the dishes, you should be cautious of the products you use and their effect on your restaurant and the environment.

If you are a restaurant with good corporate social responsibility and like to present an eco friendly environment to your customers, Kangen Water® is the solution for you!

In a perfect world, your cleaning products would be gentle and safe for everyday use, but still powerful on dirt, stains, and germs. . Thanks to the multi-purpose Enagic® machine, this IS possible, as you can easily make your own eco-friendly products that actually work!

Learn how you can conveniently maintain a clean restaurant with the power of Enagic®. Get the most out of Kangen Water®, and discover a chemical-free lifestyle today!

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