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This is my personal story

I started drinking Kangen water® in December 2008 and it literally changed my life and that of my family! I’d always been a very light sleeper and the first thing I noticed was improved quality of sleep and a huge increase in energy. Whereas before drinking Kangen® I was tired by early evening, I now had to force myself to go to bed at midnight or often much later because I wasn’t tired!

I’d been suffering with debilitating migraines once or twice a week for many years after my menopause and they stopped as did my hot flushes. My gums improved greatly, cellulite reduced considerably, age spots on my hands became significantly lighter and my skin tone improved.

I’d had constipation for many years and had tried everything to rectify the problem as I knew how unhealthy it was. When after a couple of weeks of drinking the water “things started moving naturally”, I was absolutely thrilled.

My husband used to cough every morning and that disappeared, he no longer has joint pains and he’s stopped snoring!

Shortly after buying the SD501 we decided to invest in an Anespa because even though we were drinking Kangen water® we were still using chlorinated water for the shower and bath. It was simple to attach and what a revelation! It conditions the water to make it more like mountain spring water and removes impurities. There is a neodymium magnet on the base which makes it microclustered and increases blood flow to the skin. It feels amazing and is excellent for the skin and hair. In fact my hair has become thicker and my husband’s has actually regrown on the top of his scalp with soft new hair!

My elderly mother suffered with unbearably painful leg ulcers from her toes to her knees, she was in terrible pain and  was told that her legs would need to be bandaged for the rest of her life. After 5 months of spraying her legs and feet with 2.5pH strong acidic water while her bandages were being changed, the lesions had completely healed as can be seen on the before and after photos. Over time the scars faded considerably. Absolutely amazing!

I believe that drinking Kangen Water® in addition to using the 4 other waters for many different purposes, is the best way to have a healthy body and a chemical-free home.

An added bonus is that the money saved from no longer having to buy bottled water, cleaning products, disinfectant, washing powder, mouthwash etc. is tremendous.


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